Coloring books

Using Color Theory to Enhance Your Coloring Experience Coloring isn't only reserved for kids anymore - adults of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from its relaxing practice. Coloring doesn't require many supplies either and is an effective way to enhance creativity and focus. From books, printable pages from the web or apps there are various coloring methods to choose from! Color selection can make a dramatic impactful statement about who or what you are, so understanding color theory is integral. Not just designers will benefit; anyone using a computer could take something away from this knowledge of hue. Sir Isaac Newton discovered in 1666 that when white light passes through a prism, its colors disperse into individual hues. To illustrate this phenomenon he developed a color wheel displaying how hues interact, blend, or contrast with each other; today this tool remains invaluable to designers, artists, and everyday users alike. As part of your book design project, the first step should be identifying your color theme. This could range from something specific like holidays and occasions all the way through to creating an entire rainbow palette. Once your theme has been decided upon, then designing pages is ready to begin!